Malaysian School Project Case Study

Project Details


Construct a four-story school





Target users


Project Background

Our client commissioned us to build a four-story school in Malaysia using our container products. This project aimed to create an innovative and adaptable educational facility. The primary target users of this project were students and school staff.

Challenges Faced

Our standard container products are designed to be stacked up to three stories high. The client's requirement for a four-story structure posed a significant technical challenge, pushing the limits of our products and engineering capabilities.

Solutions Implemented

We worked closely with structural engineers, including the client's team, to find a solution. We used thicker 3.0mm containers to reinforce the structure. Careful design adjustments ensured the building's stability against its own weight and potential environmental forces.


The successful completion of the four-story school demonstrated our company's ability to innovate and solve complex construction problems. We delivered a functional, eco-friendly learning space for the client and gained invaluable experience. This project highlights our expertise in the container construction industry and lays a strong foundation for tackling similar challenges in the future.

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