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Detachable Container House

Realize any of your custom ideas, freely combine and match

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Detachable Capsule House

Perfect Combination of modern fashion and practical functions

Flat Pack Container House

Quick combination like Lego

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A-Frame House

Housing where you can freely express your creativity

Expandable container house

Quick construction, move in within one day

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AKAY is the original manufacturing

Akay is a original manufacturer established in 2012, ensuring first-class quality and competitive prices. 

Let you enjoy lower costs and faster delivery time.

High quality requirements

Our commitment to quality exceeds industry standards. Strictly tested to ensure safety and reliability. 

Passing the 6-ton load-bearing test, three-layer container houses can be assembled vertically.

Patented innovative drainage technology

Innovative patented hidden drainage system, beautiful and practical, say goodbye to leaks and moisture. 

25-year waterproof guarantee.


Flexible and reliable customization capabilities

The 4th generation of innovative container house structure.

Customize any house according to your ideas and build it quickly.

Project Case

We have many successful construction projects around the world

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