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Design: Explore Custom Container Homes Built to Endure by AKAY

Transform your project with AKAY’s custom container homes, built solid for lasting value. Our innovative designs and high-quality materials create durable, low-maintenance structures that are built to last. Our modular designs maximize value, fitting your needs and minimizing long-term costs.


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As a leading container home manufacturer, we build solutions that fit your needs perfectly.

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Your One-Stop Solution for Custom Container Homes

Exceptional Durability
with Premium Materials

Sturdy 2.3mm+ Steel Framework with Positive Tolerance, Wall Panels with 10 kg/m³ Core Density.

Flexible Customization
in Akay

Offering unlimited options from frame thicknesses, wall insulation choices, and base floor materials for highly customizable modular container homes.

Speed and Precision
in Design

We swiftly create a CAD draft for your review ready,within a day post-discussion. Once confirmed, a true-to-life 3D rendering is prepared in just three days, mirroring the final product with 100% accuracy.

Seamless Support For
Your Business

Comprehensive support: Detailed unloading guides, online tutorials, on-site assistance, and a solid 1-year framework warranty.

Reliability Meets Innovation Patented Drainage Technology

No more leaks or dampness: Say goodbye to moldy walls and musty smells. Don’t let drainage worries limit your creativity.

Gentle Slope

Our frames aren't flat; they have a subtle tilt from front to back. This means rainwater doesn't puddle on top – instead, it naturally flows towards the sides.

Hidden Drainage

Built right into the four support pillars are discreet drainage holes. As water runs down, it's seamlessly captured and channeled out, keeping your container house dry and cozy.

25 Years of Peace of Mind

Our system is built to last, with a 25-year waterproof guarantee under normal use.

Uncompromising Quality:
Every Container House Tested

At Akay, our commitment to quality is backed by rigorous testing that surpasses industry standards. As a renowned container house factory, we ensure every aspect, from load-bearing capacity to drainage efficiency, meets real-world demands. Explore our detailed testing methods and discover why Akay stands out as the reliable partner of choice for container houses.

Akay's Certified Commitment to Quality

Our innovations aren’t just on paper. Certifications and patents are our guarantee of quality, tested and trusted. Choose the confidence that comes with proven excellence.

100+ Projects, 1000+ Satisfied Clients

Explore our diverse portfolio of completed container house projects and let the facts speak for themselves.
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Villa Group Akay
Child Health Center
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Philippines construction site

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