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Patented Drainage Technology

Flat Pack Gentle Slope

For Flatpack and Prefeb Container House

Gentle Slope

Our frames aren't flat; they have a subtle tilt from front to back. This means rainwater doesn't puddle on top – instead, it naturally flows towards the sides.

Hidden Drainage

Built right into the four support pillars are discreet drainage holes. As water runs down, it's seamlessly captured and channeled out, keeping your container house dry and cozy.

25 Years of Peace of Mind

Our system is built to last, with a 25-year waterproof guarantee under normal use.

Detachable Container House Drainage Design

Inclined Grooves

Drainage channels built into the columns under the floor efficiently direct water away from the house.

Structural Stability

The ability to lay a foundation floor above the recess and support up to 50 wall panels demonstrates the focus on both drainage and structural integrity.

Detachable Container House Drainage Design

Seamless Connect Technology

Traditional container houses design

The Old Version Problems

AKAY improvement 4.0 detachable container house

Akay's Improvement

Hiding the screws inside the container. This results in:

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