Production Efficiency

High-Volume Production,
Rapid Delivery

Expansive Facility

10,000 square meters of advanced manufacturing space.

Strong Team

Over 100 skilled professionals driving productivity.

High Output

30 lines produce 25,000 container houses annually.

Installation Expertise

2 Detachable Houses Daily (4-Person Crew).

Rapid Delivery

150 Container Houses in 7-15 Days.

Customization Expertise

Tailored designs to meet unique client needs.

Built to Last, Built with Care

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Checking out the raw material


Galvanized steel: We source top-grade, rust-resistant steel for a rock-solid frame.
Quality checks: Every sheet undergoes rigorous inspections to ensure it meets our exacting standards.
forming process


Efficient drainage: We design a built-in drainage system right into the frame.
Structural integrity: Precise forming guarantees a robust and stable foundation for your container home.


Challenge: Avoiding weak or excessive welding to prevent drainage issues.
Watertight guarantee: Every weld is visually inspected and tested to ensure perfect seals.
strict postive tolerance after powing

Grinding and Powder Coating

Procedure: Detailed post-welding grinding ensures a smooth surface, crucial for achieving a uniform and flawless powder coating application, enhancing both the aesthetic appeal and durability of the product.
In-house powder coating workshop: Guarantees high-quality, long-lasting finishes.


For Glass Components: Wooden frames for protection.
For Decorative Panels: Such as bamboo fiber composite board and metal carvings are carefully packed in standard cardboard.
Extra care: Base wall panels receive an extra layer of protective film, especially important for countries using them as exterior walls.

Quality at Every Step

Warehouse Department

Key to quality control and efficiency, conducting regular material inspections for thickness and tolerance, and ensuring effective managing inventory of materials.  

Quality Control Teams

Each production stage has its own quality control team, with additional checks by our business and follow-up teams.

Random Inspections

Regular sampling checks on wall panels (e.g., bamboo and cement fiber boards) and thorough inspection of each roll of galvanized steel.

Checking out the prrofile

Akay's Dedication to Superior Quality

With certifications and patents, we offer a seal of quality that is both verified and valued.

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