Raw Material Selection

AKAY sources raw material from a city rich of steel production, ensuring quality, supply chain reliability, sustainability, and community support.

Build to Last:
Durable Steel Options

Checking out the raw material

Standard Strength, Custom Choices

Our container houses start with a robust 2.3mm galvanized steel frame, but you can upgrade to 2.6mm or 3.0mm for even greater assurance of quality and durability.

Seeking Enhanced Strength? Opt for Channel Steel

For projects demanding maximum load-bearing capacity, we offer sturdy channel steel frames in 4.0mm, 5.0mm, and 6.0mm thicknesses.

Always Exceeding Expectations

We guarantee a positive tolerance on all frame thicknesses. Expect a 2.3mm frame to measure closer to 2.4mm or 2.5mm after painting, never less.

Wall panel core AKAY

Explore Our Versatile Wall Panel Options

Pick Your Perfect Fit

We offer wall panels in thicknesses from 50mm (ideal for warmer climates) to 100mm (perfect for freezing temperatures), ensuring your container home embraces the ideal comfort level. You can choose stainless steel or galvanized steel to fit your project.

Warmth at Your Core

EPS, PU, PIR, and rock wool - explore a spectrum of core materials to suit your insulation needs and preferences. All our wall panel cores boast a robust 10kg/m³, ensuring optimal insulation and longevity.

MaterialR-Value per inch (higher is better)CostFire ResistanceProsExample Application
EPS 3.8–4.0LowLow (Class C)Lightweight, inexpensiveExterior walls in mild climates
PU6.0–7.0ModerateModerate (Class B)Excellent thermal efficiency, good soundproofingInterior and exterior walls in moderate climates
PIR6.5–7.5HighModerate (Class B)Best thermal efficiency, high strength, moisture resistantExterior walls in cold climates, roofs
Rock Wool4.0–4.5ModerateExcellent (Class A)Non-flammable, good soundproofing, breathableInterior walls, fire partitions, soundproofing applications

Container House
Flooring Options

Sample room materials that clients can choose from AKAY

Our Commitment to Premium Materials
for Container Homes

Our container homes are built with meticulously inspected raw materials, ensuring durability and excellence in every build.

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