Shipping and Installation

At AKAY, we prioritize the safe transportation of your container house with a detailed and protective packaging process:

Careful Packaging for Maximum Protection

Visual Documentation
We provide videos and photographs documenting the careful loading process, offering you a transparent view of our meticulous approach.
Enhanced Protection for Fragile Components
We fortify sensitive parts like glass with extra wooden framing, guaranteeing their safe arrival.
Specialized Packaging for Decorative Surfaces
We take special care of decorative materials such as bamboo-wood fiberboards and external walls, using robust standard cardboard boxes to preserve their aesthetic integrity.
Protective Film for Basic Wall Panels
We also put protective film over the basic wall panels. This ensures the walls remain scratch-free and pristine throughout transportation.
Guided Unloading Process
We provide a comprehensive unloading guide to facilitate a smooth and efficient unpacking experience for our clients.

Seamless Installation for Global Clients

Akay online installation guide

Accessible Online Installation Guides

Our detailed online guides simplify the installation process, enabling clients to effortlessly understand and manage the assembly.

Worldwide On-Site Installation Support

Recognizing our clients' diverse geographical locations, we offer on-site installation services globally. Our team of skilled workers ensures your container house is installed flawlessly, regardless of location.

On-site installation akay
AKAY after-sale services

Reliable After-Sales Support

One-Year Warranty

We stand by the quality of our products with a one-year warranty on the container house frame, underscoring our commitment to your satisfaction and trust.

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